I always find it more than a little difficult to offer a description of “who I am” because I’m a person in flow – always learning, always changing, forever reorganizing myself and the way I am in the world.

Some of my labels:

  • I’m Mom to a grownup daughter who lives many, many (too many) miles away.
  • I’m a Wife in an imperfect marriage of 27 years –  relationships are hard, but after that many years I like to think we’ve figured something out.
  • I’m a Retiree – left the corporate world in 2012 with 30 years under my belt; also left a brief creative career behind at the end of 2017.
  • I’m a lapsed Tree Hugger, which is not unlike saying I’m a lapsed Catholic or Episcopalian because nature is my church.
  • I’m a Nerd – my career was in tech and I can still navigate that world pretty well, plus I love a good gadget!
  • I’m a Crazy Cat Lady and mama to Trixie and Tucker, shown below

I like to think who I really am is more a reflection of how I like to engage in life…

  • I don’t mind being quiet and solitary, you won’t find any social media links on this blog because I don’t buy into that bullsh*t anymore. I did for a long time – I let likes and followers define me to the point I no longer knew who I was, so I quit.
  • I like to have a stack of books nearby (favorite authors include Stephen King, Kelly Corrigan, Hugh Howey, Lev Grossman, Sarah Addison Allen… just to name a few) and can usually be found with my nose in one.
  • I decided at the beginning of 2017 that I much preferred living life sober.
  • The day I stop wanting to learn things is the day I no longer have all of my faculties intact.
  • I believe whole-heartedly in the power of kindness to change the world, not only the kindness we give to others, but the kindness we give to ourselves too.
  • I believe in magic – the everyday ordinary kinds like sunshine through rain, birdsong and twilight, a full moon shining through my bedroom window, the special quiet of snow, the scent of rain, babies of any species, the rare sight of the milky way on a dark night, a simple act of human kindness, a tiny moment of delight that gives me goosebumps.