Spring or Fall?

Are you a Spring person or a Fall person? I have to say I’m both – or rather, I’m drawn most to whichever season we’re closest to in a given moment. In the winter I look forward to the warmth and color of spring and in the spring I love every second. By summer, I’m looking forward to cozying down for fall and by fall, you guessed it, I’m in love with every brown blade of grass and leaf that falls. I like to think our acclimation toward one season or another goes slightly deeper than temperature preferences…

If you are especially drawn to Spring, you likely love fresh starts, new beginnings, bright pops of color. This is a time to reach outward, expand, leap forward:

  • Get back outside after the long cold winter – go for a walk, make note of bulbs blooming and trees flowering in your neighborhood.
  • Take a walk around your yard and do some daydreaming about things to plant or prettify, browse seed & plant catalogs or go to the garden center.
  • Inside the house, throw open your windows, strip the beds, dust down the cobwebs, clean out expired stuff in your pantry and freezer.
  • Go to the car wash and spit-shine your ride, inside and out.
  • Revitalize your menu plans – lighten things up with salads, fish and all-things-grilled. By the end of March or early April, fresh veggies should start to appear at the Farmer’s Market.
  • This is a great time for personal fresh starts – get a new notebook and a set of colorful pens, then take time to brainstorm ideas, sow some new seeds, reimagine yourself or something in your life.
  • Buy new makeup and a few bright springy things for your wardrobe.
  • Change the battery on your smoke detector.

If Fall is more to your liking, you might really love to snuggle down, get cozy, review your accomplishments. This is a great time to turn inward, self-reflect and take pride in all you’ve accomplished:

  • Fall is my favorite time to get comfortable in the kitchen with stews and hearty soups, creamy casseroles and baked goods.
  • It’s the time to pull out heavy socks, sweaters, knit scarves and cozy blankets.
  • After the heat of the summer, it’s another great time to get outside – go for walks in the woods, clean out flower beds, mulch for winter, and plant trees. It’s also a fun time to be a magpie – I find lots of feathers, dried seed pods and other interesting pretties for my altar this time of year.
  • It’s the perfect time for big cleaning projects inside my home – cleaning out closets (if it hasn’t been worn in over a year, let it go); get the windows, rugs, and carpets cleaned; clean out the junk drawers and garage.
  • Start thinking about holiday gifting – organize a family name drawing and get as much of a head start as you can before things get crazy!
  • Go on a road trip to see the fall color – take back roads so you can go slow, stop off at roadside stands or shops in small towns, savor every moment.
  • This is my favorite time of year for candles – pumpkin, cinnamon, patchouli. My favorites are Magnolia Market’s Joie de Noel (only available in the fall) and Scentsational’s Rugged Patchouli.
  • This is another great time for a new notebook. Take some time to review your year  – what do you feel fantastic about, what would you add or do differently, what do you wish you’d skipped altogether?

Whichever season you are most drawn to, make time to honor its particular magic.

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