There is always a bit of magic involved the first time you experience something. I still remember the first time I flew on an airplane in 1969. Flying was kind of a big deal back then – you got dressed up, family came to the airport with you and waved goodbye at the gate, they served hot meals – in coach!

Another first – learning to drive a stick-shift with my first husband. He kept yelling at me to do things differently until I politely asked him to get out of the car, please! My memory of figuring that darn clutch out – ALL BY MYSELF – is precious. Later, I remember buying my first car. It was a candy apple red Toyota Corolla – definitely a mom car (I was a mom, so it stands to reason). There were no cheering crowds, no mysterious reveal, no squeals of delight (though there might have been a tear or two of joy and excitement as I drove my new baby off the lot), but it was a first I will never forget.

I have cried so many times over the last several  years, watching Jeannie, of the Ellen Degeneres Show, surprise an unsuspecting fan with an unbelievable first. Cried again today when I saw this sweet video about Jeannie’s new gig with Ford – pure magic!

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